Punts and Field Goals


Teams may punt at any time. Fake punts are allowed. If the punt bounces off a receiving player, or is fumbled after it is caught, it is a live ball. A punt that fails to cross the neutral zone continues in play, as if a fumbled ball. In that instance, all players, including the kicking team, may catch or recover the ball and advance it.

On punts only three kicking team players ("gunners") may cross the line of offensive line of scrimmage before the ball does.

One the punted ball crosses the line of scrimmage. the punter should announce "kick's away!" so remaining players can proceed downfield. Sending more than three gunners is a four yard penalty (replay the down).

Field goals

Held field goals are worth 3 points. Dropped field goals are worth 6 points. A field goal is dead ball play—similar to a rugby penalty kick, or the rare fair-catch free kick in NFL. Two defensive players must create goal-posts by raising arms laterally, touching fingertips to form an "H" shape and then side-stepping away from each other by two large steps. Fake field goals are not allowed.

OFL goal posts

Drop-kicked Field Goals are worth 6 points.

On any field goal attempt the ball must be kicked from the ground, either via a holder or via a drop-kick. No snap is neccesary.

Rushing is allowed against a field goal attempt from the goal-line only, and no fake field goals are allowed. The ball cannot be advanced by either team, even if blocked or short. The ball can be held (or drop-kicked) from anywhere behind the line the scrimmage.

  1. No snap is required on a field goal. The ball can be held at the scrimmage flag, or at any spot behind the scrimmage flag. On a miss the ball is now spotted at the spot of the kick attempt.
  2. During a field-goal the defense may attempt to block the kick. Those players who are not positioned as the "goal posts" may now line up on the goal line outside of the "posts", and then charge the ball once the kicker has begun to move forward to kick the ball. Players may not touch the kicker but can bat down the ball. A batted field-goal attempt is a dead ball and the ball turned over at the spot of the kick attempt. Teams do not need to attempt a block of the kick but any attempt must start from the goal line. Attempting to block a field kick without having lined up at the goal line is an illegal procedure penalty (4 paces, & replay the down)
  3. On drop-kick attempts, the defense may attempt to block the kick from anywhere of their side of the line of scrimmage (i.e. they do not need to start at the goal line)

Last updated: Feb.11.2018