Game Timing and Clock Management

The game is played in two 45 minute halves, plus extra time in the second half. The clock runs without stoppages except for three time-outs per team, per half. The referee/Commissioner attempts to announce the time as it reaches 45 min but it is the responsiblity of teams to be aware of the time. The clocks restarts on the snap on timeouts. Clock restarts on field goals when the kicker addresses the ball. Clock restarts on kickoffs begin at the kick.

Any teammate may call a time out.

When time expires in the first half, all play is over. The sole exception is when the offense is set up to attempt a field goal and time runs out before the defense has set the goal posts. In this situation, the offensive team is allowed the field goal attempt after time has expired.

When time expires in the second half, the team with the ball may continue their possession, unless they are in the lead. If the team with ball has a lead when time expires, the ball is immediately turned over to the team that is losing, for a single extra-time final possession. The team losing recovers possession at the spot where the last play at 0:00 is ruled dead—for a single extra-time final possession, thus the team winning must be aware the clock!

If the team losing scores within the 30 seconds of regulation, and is still losing, the ensuing kickoff is flipped—the scoring team receives the kickoff (thus avoiding a turnover at 0:00 during a kickoff).

Teams—regardless of score—cannot 'take a knee', in an attempt to game the clock. This results in a unsportsmanlike penalty (15 paces).

The team losing cannot punt during the final two minutes of the game.

Allowing an opponenent to score so as to game the clock is considered bad sportsmanship.

If tied at the end of regulation, the game will end as a tie, except during playoff games which must continue to a sudden-death overtime period (until there is a winner).

The Commissioner maintains the clock. Any clock malfunctions are part of the game.

Last updated: Jan.29.2018