Only five offensive players besides the quarterback may be eligible to catch a forward pass. If teams have seven a side, the center is automatically ineligible. If more than seven a side, the center and one lineman is ineligible, etc.

  • Ineligible players can receive a backwards pass or a "backwards moving" handoff.
  • Ineligible players can also receive a forward pass or a forward-moving handoff if behind the offensive line of scrimmage, but only after the defense crosses the neutral zone (i.e. after "four mississippi", a blitz, a muffed snap or a fumble). Linemen on the team with an extra player may never receive a forward pass or forward-moving handoff.
  • Ineligible players must line up on the offensive line of scrimmage adjacent to each other, no more than an arm's distance apart. The ball and the center's hands can be in the netural zone.
  • Ineligible players must raise their hand as they approach the line so the defense can identify them before the ball is snapped.

There are no rules regarding number of players in motion; number of players on the line vs offset, etc.

Note: Offenses cannot re-huddle. Once the huddle has been broken there can be no re-huddle.

Last updated: Dec.16.2017