OFL Philosophy

"Semper amicus, semper fortis"
(Always friendly, always brave)

The mission of OFL is to have as much fun as one can have on a freezing December (January.. February..) Sunday morning in New England. All of us believe that playing football is really fun.

We welcome all comers and we play in all weather (except lightning storms) most every Sunday, up through the Super Bowl, typically in early February.

The competitive aspects of the game in OFL take a backseat to safety, fairness and fun. Especially fun.

The rules are designed to create as level a playing field and as fair a situation as possible, especially considering the diversity of sizes, ages, strengths and experience of players. That said, the rules are basically just guidelines. We are not interested in the microscopic analysis of each play that is destroying big league American football. Our ethos is much more similar to rugby: Tough guys playing a fluid and continuous gentlemen's game.

I would much rather that all disputes be settled by consensus. However, since football can be a very physical game it's necessary that players respect the ultimate authority of the Commissioner or whomever is "refereeing" the game. Basically in the end, what the ref says goes. If you think it was a touchdown and the ref thinks not, it's not. Period. Otherwise things can get ugly which is just plain not fun. And fun is the whole damn point.

The Commish.